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The Five Tibetans: Exercises For Energy And Vitality

The Five Tibetans are a series of exercises that contribute to greater energy, vitality and longevity. Sometimes referred to as The Five Tibetan Rites or The Five Rites, these exercises were originally presented in a 1939 book entitled The Eye of Revelation. Do them every day for a healthier life.
First Rite: Spinning
With arms outstretched, slowly spin from left to right. Take your time and do a few, eventually building up to 21 over time (listen to your body). Speed doesn’t matter; do what feels comfortable.

Second Rite: Leg Lifts

Lie on your back on a yoga mat or rug. Extend arms along sides, keeping hands flat, fingers together.Second Rite: Leg Lifts

Raise your head slightly, with chin tucked into your chest. Now lift legs vertically with knees straight. Slowly lower both head and legs.
Breathe in as you lift and exhale as you lower. Do a few to start, and build up to 21.

Third Rite: Camel Pose

Kneel on the floor with knees under hips and toes flat. Your upper body should be erect. Place hands on the back of your thighs, just under the buttocks.
Tilt head forward and tuck chin against the chest. Next tilt your head and neck backwards, arching your spine and looking up.
Repeat, eventually working your way up to 21 over time.

Fourth Rite: Tabletop Pose

Sit on your mat with your legs extended outwards in front of you, even with hips. Feet should be flexed. Keep your upper body erect. Hands should be alongside hips, fingers pointed towards feet.
Now tuck your chin in towards your chest. Then tilt your head back, while bending your knees and pushing up to tabletop position.
Your torso should resemble a table, with arms and bent legs as table legs. Let your head gently rest backwards.
Repeat when you feel ready. Build up to 21.

Fifth Rite: Cobra and Down Dog

Start out on the floor with hands about 2 feet apart. Keeping your legs stretched out flat behind you, and your upper body raised like a cobra, let the spine arch down in a sagging position.
Next lift hips and buttocks up, pushing back and up on your toes to form an inverted “V” position. Also bring your head down towards your chest.
Gently lower yourself into a plank position then come back to the cobra pose.
Repeat the sequence, with a goal of 21 over time.

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The Five Tibetans: Exercises For Energy And Vitality
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