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The pineal gland

The pineal gland is unique in that it sits alone in the brain whose other parts are paired. It is the first gland to be formed in the foetus and is distinguishable at 3 weeks. When our individual life force enters our foetal body at 7 weeks, the moment in which we become truly human, it passes through the pineal and triggers the first primordial flood of DMT ( N-dimethyltryptamine). Later, at birth, the pineal releases more DMT. DMT is also capable of mediating pivotal experiences of deep meditation, shamanic states of consciousness, psychoses, spiritual emergence and near death experiences. 
The pineal gland’s location deep in the brain seems to intimate hidden importance. In the days before its function as a physical eye that could see beyond space-time was discovered, it was considered a mystery linked to superstition and mysticism. This pineal gland is activated by Light, and it controls the various bio-rhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body’s thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process. When it awakens, one feels a pressure at the base of the brain. While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known this area in the middle of the brain to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. 
Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the pineal gland has always been important in initiating supernatural powers. Development of psychic talents has been closely associated with this organ of higher vision. To activate the ‘third eye’ is to raise one’s frequency and moving into higher consciousness – all is a consciousness experience perceived through the Eye of Time or Third Eye. Meditation, Visualization Yoga, and all forms of Out of Body travel, open the Third Eye and allow you to ‘see’ beyond the physical. 

As you practice, you will get it faster and more frequently. Your psychic abilities will increase as well as your dream time messages. You may first begin with your eyes closed, but as you practice, you will be able to open your third eye by focusing your attention and receiving messages with your physical eyes open. Planetary vibration/frequency is accelerating exponentially, allowing souls to peer into other realms far more easily than in the past. Frequency will continue to rise until consciousness evolves out of the physical. 

The Pineal gland is located within the vertebrate brain between the left and right hemispheres. It is ruffly the size of a grain of rice and is fully grown at 2 years of age. The gland is stimulated by darkness and hindered by light.It produces melatonin, melatonin is a hormone which influences your biological clock.It is said that the Pineal gland is the “The Crown Chakra” or “The Third Eye” and that it is a Bio-luminescent gland that can improve learning capabilities, increase memory, enhance intuition, wisdom and creativity and may be the link to enhancing psychic abilities. A healthy lifestyle of exercise, outdoor activities, eating natural unprocessed foods, and reducing your sugar intake will be the first steps to activating your Pineal gland.

The Pineal gland resembles a pinecone. The pinecone has been used in symbolism for thousands of years! Many historical figures from Osiris to the Pope hold a staff of the pinecone. There is no question that the Pineal gland and its purpose have been known throughout history. There is also no question that those in power have suppressed the development and knowledge of the Pineal gland. Free thought and expression should never be suppressed.So explore the infinite universe within you. Balance your mind and everything is possible.

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The pineal gland
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