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Understanding Shamans

What is a Shaman?

Shaman defined: a person having access to, and influence in, the world of spirits, esp. among some peoples of northern Asia and North America.  
This is the western cultures perspective of Shamans.There are many different scientists that have researched Shamanism and there are very few who are dead on with it.To truly understand a Shaman you must walk with one, the expression "Walk in my moccasin for a mile and get to know me."  The Shaman in the traditional wisdom in the expression in our own language is a person totally connected to the Creator, the universe and all life force.  The Shaman walks in between two worlds; the Shaman understands the physical body and respects that; the Shaman walks in the spiritual world where he or she is well guided with the wisdom that is needed in the physical world.  

Genuine Shamans understand everything in the scientific way the mathematical thinking of absolute truth, everything is energy, and everything is an illusion.The Shaman's walk is very sacred of understanding thought form influences energy, and understanding the karmic wheel.  A shaman's walk is right from the center of the heart of unconditional love, honor, respect and integrity in who he and she may be.  

There are very few genuine shamans in Canada, a Shaman is extremely intelligent, with a high IQ, super sensitive, and is always aware of his or her surrounding.You will find a Shaman walks alone with many spirits.  In our traditional way there are Shaman's and then there are medicine people; they are all categorized and understood and respected.  The Shaman knows the past, the present and the future; he or she is like a scientist, always working with energy, balancing, clearing, a Shaman never rests.  

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism defined: the animistic religion of northern Asia, embracing a belief in powerful spirits that can be influenced only by shamans.  ism defined: a distinctive doctrine, theory, system, or practice

Shaman's are not certified in the physical world, they are certified right from the other side. Genuine shamans go through an initiation from the otherside-only the good spirits.   They don't follow distinctive doctrine, theory or system or practice...they live it.

In our tradition it is not a religion, it is a way of life, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, a Shaman walks like he or she is praying, he or she works like they are praying, he or she speaks is like they are praying, forever thinking in prayers, a Shamans prayers is 24-7. It is all about keeping energy flowing in a positive, the Shaman shares this wisdom with all those who are willing to listen, so they will understand and walk it with the wisdom that is shared.  It is the wisdom that is universal that creates the rhythm and balance of harmony and unity with all Creation and all life force.

What is Shamanic Work?

There are two parts to Shaman work, yet they work together.  First is understanding energy-the spiritual side of life, the human energy field, environmental energy and universal energy in the positive and negative.  Working with sickness, trauma's the key tool is pure ancient psychology, the Absolute Truth, it is following the blueprint in giving the tools to understand what one needs to do to deal with their issues and their sickness.  

The Shaman knows about the human cells-the physical part of life, their are like a CD disk and it has all the information to what the person has grown up with their life's experiences right from birth, in many cases sickness and trauma is the experiences that one needs to let go and understand for a complete healing.The ancient psychology is shared, the tools that one needs to use can be shared within 20 minutes or less.  

The Shaman healing also has the ability to see and feel sickness, emotion, and the hands of energy is to clear the human body of all negative energies, in many cases sickness, changing every cell, clearing them of all negative energies and re-balancing the whole system, all the organs reorganize themselves in the process, exorcisms right from little ones to the great big ones, automatic soul retrieval, curses through history of the family tree are removed, connection to all creation, higher power and mother earth.  

A Shaman is a person who is always working with energy and forever scanning 360 degrees, always being aware of their surrounding.
The physical body is designed with two eyes to only see physical matter, the material matter. The human body is made up of 80% water, 20% mineral and 60% oxygen, with all it's minerals and salt in the system is an energy conductor, it transmits and receives energy.The human body is a very low electromagnetic current, it is understand the chemistry of the human body is so important to keep it healthy, to live out its purpose, good food, clean food that is organic. Always using good energy with the though form flows through every cell in your body and then outwards and you receive sounds and vibrations outside yourself, where you become vulnerable to sound and vibration that causes you to become stressed and can also be expressed by loved ones, friends, strangers and yourself. You can become your worst enemy with self hatred that expresses outward.There is the rhythm and balance to the physical and the spiritual body. 
The spiritual energy that is known as entity, ghost, soul is an invisible life force that is within you.That has the ability to see what is invisible that is known as your third eye. Deep meditation and prayers can open up your third eye and bring your spirit in balance with your physical.Now you can understand the positive and negative in life, it is looking after the two parts of self; the spiritual self and they physical self-they help each other.  

The beauty of a Shaman, you read the history of the bibles, libraries, where those experience apparition of Mother Mary, Jesus, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, the Ascended Masters, the Old Ancient Ones, the Tall White Spirits, High Council..a Shaman smiles because he or she walks with them everyday.That is the expression of walking between two worlds, it is a way of life.  

Shaman's are born and some cultures Shamans come from special families.They go through an initiation process directly from the other side.  From the first nation language translated into English they are known as the Holy Ones. 

Made with Unconditional Love, 
Frank J. Austin, Manyhorses (Teacher)
Barbara M. Moreau, Angel who Dances on the Clouds

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