Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Forces of Consciousness

Forces of Consciousness come from the dimensions above the 9th. The chakras all connect to various higher dimensions creating a vortex which allows for the incarnation of these higher forces. Just as the Column extends below the body from the Base Chakra through the lower dimensions, it also extends above your head from the Crown Chakra all the way up through all the higher dimensions to the Source. It is one column that goes through the body but it is blocked at the Base Chakra and the Crown Chakra in normal humans. If it was not blocked, the forces from below would ascend through the body and out the top of the head and the forces from above would descend through the crown and into the body. Actually this is occurring to some extent in us all but the flows are often very blocked.It is possible to explore the higher dimensions by either going into the chakras or by ascending your consciousness upwards through the Column. Of course before energetic and emotional blockages have been cleared it is not quite that simple. The highest dimensions are ones of pure consciousness and these dimensions seem almost completely clear and devoid of any light or color. 

There are individual beings here so there is differentiation but the consciousnesses are very clear and are very much a part of the consciousness of the dimension itself. The vibration is so high here that light cannot exist but only consciousness itself. Below these dimensions there are many dimensions of light with different colors and frequencies and in all of these there are many beings. These beings live in a dimension of light and they have a Light Body. Just like we are living in the third dimension and have a 3rd dimensional body, these beings live in light and their bodies are made of light.As the higher (above 9) dimensions get closer to the 9th the light becomes somewhat denser until it becomes what is called ‘Astral Substance’. Astral Substance is still light but it is denser and its vibration is much slower than the light in the higher dimensions. Astral Substance is what incarnates into matter. As matter is vibrating slowly, consciousness must gradually slow its vibration by entering light and then Astral Substance before incarnating into the physical world.

As the human is a part of a much larger being which has parts of itself in many different dimensions it is possible for the human to become aware of these other parts during meditation. By taking your consciousness upwards through the Column you may become aware of yourself in higher dimensions. The higher you go up the Column, the higher the dimension you will become aware of. The chakras each connect with other dimensions which contain parts of you. By clearing and awakening your chakras you make it possible to bring the Forces of Consciousness from their respective dimensions into your body for use in the physical world. The goal of the spiritual practices and alchemical processes here is to clear your subtle bodies, and activate your energy centers to incarnate these higher dimensions of yourself into the physical world. When this is done you can experience your higher dimensional aspects while in ordinary consciousness and not only while in a deep meditative state or while taking your consciousness up the Column.Some of the different forces will now be described, including ‘Astral Substance’, ‘ka’ (light) and ‘spirit’.

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Forces of Consciousness
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